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  • Housing The Nation

    Published 15 Jul 2017

    World Bank says subsidy is not the solution.What is important is land use and availability of jobs and transportation when selling affordable housing.

    “It is not just the price range (even if the price appears to lie within the acceptable ‘affordable’ range definition) but the project’s exact location.

    “The term ‘affordable’ is relative and there is a need for greater consideration when it comes to location. So any data on overhang, on an overall country or state basis requires further studies into exactly where the projects are located,” Nehru says.

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  • Visionary push for another corridor.

    Published 13 May 2017
    Malaysia Vision Valley set to be reality.

    Malaysia is increasingly sounding like a country of economic corridors. And going by size, the latest inclusion in the corridor list is no small deal. Called the Malaysia Vision Valley (MVV), it will span 379,000 acres, or twice the size of Singapore, and is focused on a variety of industries, including healthcare, education and tourism. It is located in Negri Sembilan, bordering Selangor. But is the MVV yet another grandiose idea that will struggle to take off?

    City Valuers believe ‘the success lies in the implementation.’

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  • Plantation land prices continue to climb

    Published 12 Aug 2016

    Oil palm land is getting increasingly more expensive despite lower price of the commodity. The trend has implications for the property sector as developers seeking plantation land near urban centres for new projects will have to fork out more, eventually translating into higher selling prices for future developments.

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  • Plantation values with reference to the distinction between market value & market value for existing use

    Presented 27 July 2016

    City Valuers presented a paper on plantations and their market values at the Mid Year Review Malaysian Property Summit 2016.

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  • Developers need to know what buyers require

    Published 21 May 2016

    City Valuers and Consultants Sdn Bhd managing director PB Nehru (pic) says developers know “property prices will trend lower” if buyers are unable to finance their purchases. “This can have negative consequences for their earlier as well as future phases. So it is better to help buyers by providing guaranteed finance and ‘tie up’ the purchasers than to carry expensive unsold stock.”

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  • Property market conditions

    Presented 2015

    C Y Lim, Director of City Valuers, presented to Public Bank on the current property market conditions caused by the government's cooling measures from a bank’s point of view. Email us to access presentation slides.

    Email us to access presentation slides.

  • Year of consolidation for property sector

    Published 3 Jan 2015

    The property sector is expected to slow down further this year following cooling measures and tougher lending conditions implemented in 2014.

    “Properties that are surplus to immediate needs will not be a priority; the decision to purchase will be postponed,” says Nehru.

    Having said that, however, he says the Klang Valley has a “large reservoir” of double income middle class households aged below 40 who do not own a “home” of their choice for their own occupation.

    “They have access to down payments, from parents and savings. They will still buy as the perception in the Klang Valley is that, prices here will always go up as this is where all the productive people live and work,” says Nehru. Read more here.


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  • Buying a property or an asset?

    Published 22 Nov 2014

    Property prices are seen to consolidate this year following cooling measures and tougher lending conditions. However, falling oil prices could be a boon to the property sector.

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  • Are land prices too high?

    Published 4 Oct 2014

    Everyone is aware that there is a link between land values and property prices. Prices of service apartments in KL City Centre (KLCC) are priced higher than those in Mont’Kiara or Petaling Jaya because land values in KLCC are higher. This is the conventional thinking and is often echoed by various stakeholders in the property development industry to explain why certain properties have to be priced at such high prices and built at such high plot ratios and/or density as the land was purchased at a very high price.

    However, in land economics, this link between land values and property prices is different from that described above.

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  • Impact of Budget 2014 on the property market

    Presented 2 Oct 2014

    City Valuers presented to UOB (United Overseas Bank) and their high net worth customers the impact on the property market brought about by the new government property market cooling measures in the Budget 2014.

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  • How property is priced by the market

    Published 26 Apr 2014

    In a system where income levels, savings, costs, population density, demand, supply, rents, property sizes, property condition, property usage and preferences are so different, how does a property acquire "a" price that is acceptable to a buyer and subsequently acceptable to the market?

    Why does a property sell at RM1.6mil when almost everyone living there can at best afford only RM800,000 or sell at RM800-RM1,000 per sq ft when up to a short while ago the maximum was only RM350 per sq ft?

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  • Economic factors and the property market

    Published 1 Mar 2014

    There is a direct relationship between household income and the price of a property that a purchaser can afford. There is also a direct relationship between property prices and whether the income used by the bank is the net or gross income. There are also direct relationships between the down-payment amount, average lending rate, loan tenure and price. Similarly there is also a direct relationship between rent paid or payable and property value.

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